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With our years of experience working with creatives and wedding photographers we can offer an amazing and very effective SEO service.  Firstly though we need to check a few things!  You will need a well designed and programmed website in order to achieve effective SEO, you will need to know who your target market is and you will need to have good understanding of what your clients are searching for in order to find your business.  Once we have all that we would be able to analyse and evaluate your website and then plan out various improvements that Google would then love!

We offer x2 SEO solutions which are affordable and proven to work.  One is aimed at training you on how to effectively understand and work your own SEO and the other is to let us do it all for you.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an online marketing strategy used to increase rankings of your website in Google.  This is achieved through targeting keyphrases that you want people to type in Google to find your website.  Choosing the right keyphrases depends on how you define your business, it functions as an online brand identity.  For example if you are a Wedding Photographer from Manchester, you might want a potential client to search for ‘wedding photographer Manchester’ to find your website.  Google then looks for this keyphrase throughout the content and the SEO meta data on your website and determines the rank of the page based on how relevant your website is to that phrase.

SEO is a collection of practises and methods to help improve your website in order for Google to favour it and therefore rank it correctly.  We believe in honest content driven SEO and making sure your website is well built and structured in order for Google to love it and get the enquiries you need!

Please see below our 2 photography marketing packages to help your business’s website improve on Google and get more enquiries, contact us today for availability and prices.

  • Marketing for Photographers | Photography Marketing
  • Photographer SEO | SEO for Photographers
Package 1
3 month SEO & training course 

We offer a 3 month SEO for photographers marketing plan with training where we will perform general SEO work on your website and include x3 monthly drop in sessions at our Manchester based studio or if you are unable to attend we can train over Skype.  With the right training utilising WordPress there is no reason why you should not be able to manage and perform your own effective SEO work.  Over the 3 months we aim to improve your website visibility on search engines and also teach you the fundamentals needed to do your own Photoraphy SEO.

What’s included;

•  All our general SEO work as detailed in package 2

•  x 3 half hour drop in sessions at our studio in Manchester or Skype call

•  Aim to teach you SEO basics so you can independently carry on with your own SEO

•  Teach you how to use Yoast SEO plugin for filling in SEO page title & meta description for website pages and blog posts

•  Advise you how the best method to blog, share content & interact with social media websites

•  Teach you how to understand and use Google Anlaytics

Package 2
Monthly SEO

We have a rolling monthly plan without the training (no contract)

The general SEO work:

•  Through correspondence with the client & research we decide which keyphrase(s) are best to target for the website

•  Analyse your website to ensure the keyphrases are included and correctly

• Carry out all setup work such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, registration, submitting sitemap…

•  Fill in all the webpages page titles & meta data with the relevant SEO data

•  Label images with necessary SEO data

•  Create backlinks to your website [Dmoz,etc]

•  Validate the markup code of your website

•  Increase the Page speed load times

I just want you to know that somedays, I still sit and just look at my website. I go through all the pages and admire it from all angles like a weirdo. I love it every bit now as much as I did a year ago when you were working so hard to create it for me. I wouldn’t change a thing. I absolutely love it dearly and its something I am so damn proud of.  And thank you too because I am going into 2016 almost fully booked and I am pretty damn sure it has so much to do with my beautiful website. I feel like people are pretty much convinced to book me even before they email.
I just wanted to say thank you… again!

Debs Ivelja Photography

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