Photography website hosting, to share or not to share?

Photography website hosting

We know there is huge debate about how much a photographer should pay for hosting and why there are super cheap hosting solutions verses more expensive ones.  But why and what’s the difference?  What do you need?  We know hosting is not the most exciting subject in the world but it might actually be one of […]

Photography Competition to win free logo design and more!

Like you didn’t already know it, it’s Christmas in a few weeks so we are running a Christmas photography competition!  The competition is aimed at professional photography or creative businesses, for the chance to win a free custom logo (worth £350), 2nd prize £200 off our custom made WordPress website design and 3rd prize £100 to […]

Photography Competition to win SEO/Marketing and more!

It’s competition time again! As the winter approaches and the days are getting shorter this month’s theme we decided to be ‘Contrast’. The competition is aimed at professional photography or creative businesses, for the chance to win 3 months SEO/Marketing (worth £600), 1 years free hosting/email (worth £240) and £100 to spend in our online […]

A Photo Shoot with Anna Hardy Photography

We needed some profile photos to show off our lovely faces to the world and therefore turned to Anna from Anna Hardy Photography. Having a professional photography shoot for your profile photos is so important if you want to show your client base exactly who you are and to help them put a face and […]

Photography Competition to win £500 Voucher and more!

We are really pleased to announce October’s photography competition to help photographers and other creative businesses win £500 voucher, £250 voucher or a £100 voucher to be used in conjunction to any of our design or marketing services such as branding, logo design, bespoke WordPress websites, marketing services or anything from our online store. The theme for […]

A lesson in images; Saving, uploading and optimising

If you are a photographer there is little doubt that your website is going to be full of tonnes of images.  The good news is you are able to create a natural eye catching website from all your original lovely photos and with a thought out functional design and awesome branding to compliment your style you […]

How to prepare for your new website

Preparing your WordPress website

We have a 3 part blog aimed at helping creatives prepare for a new website.  Part 1 will look at starting from scratch and getting everything organised such as your photos and copy.  Part 2 will look at your domain name, existing blogs, hosting and email. Part 3 will look at online marketing and setting up […]

Mega offer to celebrate our new website!

Grizzly bear design offers SEO plans, website and logo design

  *Offer now ended* To celebrate our new website we have an awesome offer on! 6 page design (unlimited pages) bespoke website, custom blog, custom logo design, 3 months internet marketing and training + hosting all for £2500! To make life easier payments are taken in 3 stages; 30% upfront, 50% midway and payment in […]

Why do i need a responsive website?

Grizzly bear design responsive website design

A responsive website is one which adjusts automatically to fit a device’s screen size – whether that is a mobile phone or a laptop. This ensures the best user experience for your viewer and means they don’t struggle to scroll around a huge website that doesn’t fit their screen. Globally, mobile usage is rising rapidly […]