Marketing & SEO Training Part 2 – How does Social Media affect SEO?

Social Media help for photographers

How does social media affect SEO? Social media is an excellent and cost-efficient way for creative businesses to share their news, establish their brand and showcase their services online. Using social media for business has exploded in popularity over the past few years, with 91% of brands having at least two networks. In fact, for […]

Marketing & SEO Training Part 1 – Understanding Google Analytics

Understanding Google Analytics: a guide for photographers who strive to manage their own SEO.

Once you have your head-turning branding in place and a brand spanking new website live, the next logical step is to ensure people can actually find your website. Here at Grizzly Bear Design, we don’t just design beautiful websites – we ensure that they are well-coded, mobile-friendly and all basic SEO is in place before […]